Architect Mauro Mattaini conferred the university degree in the 80s at Politecnico, Milano, with the enthusiasm to participate in those events that so deeply influenced the culture and the art of the '900. His long experience in antiques and the continuous seeking new challenges have soon led him to be a leader in the field of furniture and design for high-class clientele. By performing jobs in Italy and outside Italy he has soon seized the interest from the most prestigious art-design magazines and his projects are now regularly illustrated in publishing. His outgoing and friendly nature allows Arch. Mauro Mattaini to emphasize with customers and helps him to better understand their needs , whether for living in houses or for representative needs. Customized solutions are designed to meet the expectations and, by dividing different environments, each single space is dressed with harmony and competence, giving an overall charming view as final result. The dominant feature of his character is the utmost attention paid to each single detail, so that bespoke furniture and decoration items are often designed by himself and made by craftsmen of highest quality, to deliver each place an unique atmosphere to live. The love for beauty and luxury allows Arch. Mauro Mattaini to offer a better choice of what exists in the world of more refined and elegant, completing by adding some unique objects designed on his own, first and foremost presenting the interior design through his own eyes.